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Pirates of the Caribbean Caption Contests
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Welcome aboard, maties!

This here be the Pirates of the Caribbean Caption Contest Community (a mouthful thar, eh?)! There are so many wonderful, amazing PotC fans out there, and quite a few of them have created some really fun, engaging communities. Two of my favorites are piratechallenge and potc_challenge, which feature contests of sorts in which members enter their creative efforts and vote for the ones they like best. This community has been created in that vein, but instead of writing fan fics or making icons, we'll sort of be doing a cross between the two here: captions.

Every week or few days or whathaveyou (depending on how popular you lads and lassies make this place!), I'll post a PotC-related picture or two and you will submit an apt, funny, ironic, etc caption to go with the image. I'll screen the comments, post the captions for everyone to vote on, and then we'll get to see them all and have a good ol' time, and the winners will get some spiffy banners and such.


Disclaimer: Imbibing of spirits not neccesarily neccesary for creation of captions, but when in the Caribbean...

WWJD - What would Jack do? ;)


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